Spring 2021 Lock Haven University

The Lock Haven University Spring 2021 Virtual Graduating Senior Show includes artwork from two artists and exhibits:
Miss-i-n g by Emily Diaz and Deities of the Black Past by Shatana Moné.

Emily Diaz

Emily Diaz has always been drawing since she was a young girl. Attending Lock Haven University for four years, she will be graduating with a BFA Online and Graphic Design degree. She loves animating and storytelling because she enjoys exploring the hidden life and emanating colors of the moving characters. As a Disney enthusiast, Ms. Diaz believes this is where her life has led her, and continues the challenges (of both traditional and digital) she’s experienced to become a better animator.

Shatana Moné

Shatana Moné is from the city of Philadelphia, PA where she was surrounded by many diverse cultures and experiences. Since she was young, she has had an interest in the arts, not a single notebook went without a sketch or drawing. Ms. Moné’s grandfather, Clyde Scott was an influence to her as well. His art consists of drawing, painting, and of digital art. He showed her different types of African prints and traditional African fabric designs, which have inspired her continuing interest in this subject matter.